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Dynamic Mental Healthcare Solutions


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Dr. Obafemi Akinsanya

Meet Your Practitioner
Dr. Femi Akinsanya, PHARM-D / PMHNP, BC 

Hello! I'm Dr. Femi, your dedicated healthcare partner with nearly two decades of expertise in psychiatric care. As a seasoned pharmacist and certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, I specialize on holistic approaches to medication management, while keeping your safety and the effects of your treatment at the top of my mind.

My practice is centered on adults, where I address mood disorders including anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder, alongside managing ADHD, sleep issues, PTSD, and panic disorders. My educational journey took me from the University of Maryland for Nursing, through Northern Kentucky University for my advanced practice degree, to Manchester University in Indiana where I earned my Doctor of Pharmacy.

With a personal background enriched by living in Switzerland, Egypt, Germany, Nigeria, and Italy, and a traveler to over 15 countries, I bring a global perspective to my care philosophy, always aiming to connect and provide the best possible outcomes for you.

My Philosophy

My passion for understanding the human mind and helping others has led me to the noble field of psychiatry. My desire is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those struggling with mental health challenges through compassion and dedication. My overall goal is to embrace the opportunity to alleviate suffering, promote healing, and foster hope. My journey as a Pharmacist/Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is a journey of hope, empathy, resilience, and positive change to the lives of the patients that I encounter. My objective is to touch countless lives with my expertise and caring nature.

Empowering Mental Health

The inspiration to become a mental health provider stems from a deep empathy for those facing mental health challenges. My desire to understand the complexities of the human mind and to provide support to those in need is what I strive for every day. My commitment is to make a positive impact in the lives of others through mental health care reflects both compassion and resilience. I embrace the opportunity to be a source of healing and hope for those who are struggling.

Mountain Sunset
A Journey from Passion to Personalized Care

My desire to start a private psychiatric practice, stemmed from various factors such as my passion for helping others, my clinical expertise as a Pharmacist/Psychiatric Nurse practitioner, the desire for greater autonomy in patient care, and the opportunity to build a practice that aligns with my values and vision for mental health care. Additionally, the advantage of providing personalized and comprehensive care to my patients is what motivates me to pursue this path.

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